Chloe Bags @ Cricket In Liverpool

  1. Hey
    I was wondering if anyone bought their Chloe Bags from Cricket In Liverpool. Although the boutique isnt huge, it is really well stocked.

    They have a new paddy there its not pink as such its like a cream with a bit of pink in it. and bronze hardware it was £750. Has anyone else seen that one?

  2. I haven't bought anything from Cricket, myself, but I often look on their website and I have seen that colour before (elsewhere) - subtle and beautiful! :love:
  3. I love Cricket, its great. Lovely carriers to :smile:
  4. Honestely, I have heard Crickets customer service is the worst. Does anyone agree?
  5. I wouldnt know i go to the boutique, and there the best in there.
  6. Is is the sable color that they have??? About how much is 750 pounds in American $$?

    I'm trying to find a new, or excellent Sable Paddington to purhcase. Is Cricket authentic?
  7. serial shopper!! you go to cricket in liverpool?? me too :biggrin::biggrin: where are you from?

    and by the way yes they are all authentic

    just another tip: some people have ordered over the internet and had problems, theyre website isnt the most up to date by far so get the number and ring. Everybody is wonderfully helpful and lovely! *you might struggle with our accent but you get used to it*

    Hope you buy your paddy from there :biggrin: i might go check out some of the new bags in there on saturday morning maybe * :sad: even though i have nill spends atm but theres always next month :biggrin:*
  8. serial: haha yer i love the carriers too :biggrin: they beautiful arent they... need to go buy some more to get some more lol i use mine to death theyre all breaking :S
  9. Hiya :smile: yeah i shop at Cricket. I try and go at least once a week so i dont miss out on anything. The websites pretty rubbish, as you said its not up to date. I wish it was. If you ring there so friendly. Gemmas really cool, and Justine the lady who owns it is great.
    I live in Cheshire now. I used to live in Crosby.