Chloe bags at DSW

  1. I was just at the DSW outside of Seattle and they had quite a few paddington bags in addition to a few Ballenciaga bags. The bags were about 20% off so not as good as the other sales out there but the had a nice selection of colors (black, green gray, burgundy, bright blue) and styles.
  2. Are you sure they were authentic??? Wow... I've never seen anything like that at my local DSW!
  3. ^^^ I would be shocked if DSW had authentic Chloe or Balenciaga! I have only seen "Inspired" bags there..... Hmmmmm..... anyone know???
  4. No idea, but it seems a bit sketch to me :shrugs:
  5. I'm going to have to march right down to the one near me tomorrow and check it out... I haven't been in there in several months (shoe shopping with a broken ankle is kind of pointless...)

  6. I would be shocked if DSW carried these brands. Are you sure they were authentic and not "inspired by" bags?
    Do you remember how much they were asking for them?
  7. The chloe bags ranged from about 1200 to 1800. I am no expert but they looked exactly like the ones at Nordstroms and weren't very cheap. On the Balenciaga thread people who have seen the bags said they were authentic.
  8. They also had all the chloe tags and chloe dust bag.....not that guarantees that they're authentic.....
  9. I saw these as well. I am really skeptical about the Balenciagas but others on the Bal sub-forum thought they were authentic. (I was with PHH so didn't get to spend a lot of time authenticating) They were really awful looking Balenciaga's. The Chloes did look better but the prices were not that great. (Looked to be 15 to 20% off). For instance the little clutch that many just bought at NAP was $475. For that price why not buy a bag at a better store for slightly more money?
  10. They sell Prada and Chloe @ my local DSW. Most are pricey enough to be real, but Im still skeptical. They have the tags/logos on them, but the price tags look a bit off. I don't know.

    One of the smaller Prada nylon hobos was selling for around $350 if I remember correctly.

    I didn't look too closely at any of them so I can't give more info.
  11. Please keep us posted if anyone checks this out!!! I will try, but might not be able to get over there. Dying to find out though!!!
  12. I went back to Factoria DSW to check out the Balenciagas and Chloes without PHH. I took a pic of a Balenciaga bag that I have posted in that forum because the hardware looks off to me.
    But as far as Chloe- I do think they might be authentic or else they should win a prize as the best fakes ever. The leather was just like on my Chloe paddingtons. There were about 10 chloe bags at this store ranging from the clutch (which was $499, not a very good price) to a very large tote that was priced at $1799. There was no rhyme or reason about the pricing, a medium blue paddy in a very nice shade with silver hardware was $999 but the black medium paddy with black hardware was $1599, go figure.
    I took a photo of two mini paddys before being busted by the store manager. (Jag, as Mod and a lawyer, you will defend me right?)
    The baby paddys' were $899 if anyone was interested.
  13. Thanks for the stealth mission NWpurselover!!

    Were the mini paddy's blanc and noir??
  14. Just came back from my local DSW here in So Cal and nope, no Balenciagas, no Chloés. Just a brown tote trying to mimic the paddington handles, the brand name was 'hype.'
  15. Of course! I got your back!:p