Chloe Bags $499 @ San Marcos Nordstrom Rack

  1. I spotted 2 Chloe bags at the San Marcos NR today. They were the same style and both were $499. I'm not too familiar with Chloe's but it wasn't any of the Chloe styles I'm familiar with (paddington, Edith, bay). The style was made up cream leather. It had a brass kiss lock. There was a brass Chloe name plate on the outside as well as an outer pocket. The style reminded me of a vintage doctor's satchel. The inner compartment was separated into 2-3 compartments.

    Give the San Marcos NR a call if you're interested. They were hanging on the "new arrivals" handbags section.
  2. sounds like the maggie:tup:
  3. If anyone'd like to call them, here's the number of Nordstrom Rack at Grand Plaza in San Marcos (760) 304-7050
  4. Good deal, however, I returned an ivory Maggie to Nordstroms, it wouldn't stay shut, the kisslock and the pushlock kept coming open. It is a beautiful bag, but I believe there is a flaw with the closures, since I've heard of this happening quite a bit.
  5. Arrrgghh!! I was just going to pass by there yesterday too and I didn't :push:
  6. WOW! What a great deal! I've been thinking about a Chloe bag but am scared of the weight.....
  7. That is a great deal. Too bad that I live in Missouri in a hick town that has NO awesome stores like the bigger more fashionable cities.
  8. They said they don't do charge sends outside of California. Did they tell anyone else the same?
  9. Thought I would call to see if this was indeed the $2800 Maggie, and it is, however, I did check with the SA, had her test the closures, and she said there was a problem with the closure, that it didn't stay closed very well,..... so I guess there is a major problem with the closures on these bags. They do ship, but it is a final sale.
  10. moving to shopping sub :yes:
  11. That's weird they told you something different. I guess it depends on who you talk to.:tdown: