Chloe Bag Sightings in the Wild!!

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  1. I know the Bal forum does this and it's loads of fun, so I thought I'd start a thread here :tup:

    What: Silver Paddy Satchel, med
    When: Today, Aug 7
    Where: Sun Microsystems, Menlo Park campus
    Who: Pretty Asian woman getting coffee
    Me: Gal starring at you with a huge Balenciaga Work bag in black :graucho:

    Was this YOU!?!?!?
  2. Love this idea!! I only ever see Coach where I live tho... booo... I had my Edith out yesterday at the CT Post Mall tho, anyone see me? LOL
  3. Oh, I love this thread on the Bal forum too! Great idea.

    What: Black Paddy satchel
    When: July 16
    Where: Movado boutique, Westchester
    Who: Blonde shopping for jewelry with your bf, who was very protective of your bag when you set it on the display case!
    Me: Redhead carrying a black and brown Balenciaga First, shopping for watches
  4. Hmwe you always have the best ideas!:tup::love:

    What: Black quilted bay
    When: August 3
    Where: Helsinki Mikonkatu
    Who: Blonde wearing white gauze dress walking on the street
    Me: Blonde (also walking on the same street) wearing jeans with ivory floral tunic carrying chloe patchwork bag in moka
  5. I love this idea....
  6. What: a pre-loved 06 Chloe Paddie Satchel in Chocolate
    When: August 7, 2007
    Where: USPS Freight Airplane, somewhere between CA and my home in Ohio
    Who: sent by previous owner
    Me: Brunette, constantly pacing until my new baby arrives
  7. I wish this me!!! :nuts:

  8. What: Seafoam green? large pocket paddy
    When: Aug 5
    Where: Nordstrom @ Bell Square
    Who: Blonde wearing capris and striped shirt
    Me: Blonde black capris, orange white top and orange pocket paddy.
  9. What: Cream Hobo Shopper with Tan accents
    When: Aug 11
    Where: Sutton Place Hotel; Heart of Rush street Chicago
    Who: Blonde leaving the hotel, you look like you were ready to tear up some credit cards in the shops
    Me: Brunette with sore credit cards, waiting for vehicle to make the journey back to Missouri. I was carring my argent Betty Shopper.
    Do you recognise yourself???? BTW saw lots of Coaches on the Miracle mile, LV's, Channels but NO PADDIES. That's okay with me, I like being unique!!!!!!!!
  10. What: Silverado Tote, tan
    When: Tues, Aug 14
    Where: outside Neiman Marcus, Palo Alto CA Stanford Shopping Center
    Who: younger gal with BF carrying a metal (?) wine rack
    Me: driving in my car along side the road
  11. What: Navy paddy, tan bay, tan edith, tracey (forget color), and some other
    When: Tues, Aug 14 between 1:30 and 3:00
    Where: Beverly Hills (waiting room, NM, Saks) and Century City
    Who: lots of fashionable ladies
    Me: appointment and then some shopping, carrying whiskey edith

    SOOO many Chloes! I :heart::heart::heart: it!
  12. Bummer, the only one I've ever seen with a Chloe is me
  13. What: Gorgeous dark gray python silverado
    When: A few weeks ago
    Where: The N train, Manhattan
    Who: Blonde in white tshirt checking out my bag
    Me: Redhead carrying a black/black small Paddy with long strap
  14. What: A hideous fake white paddy satchel:throwup:
    When: Aug. 17@ 7pm

    Where: Claim Jumpers in Northridge
    Who: Not sure because I was blinded by the sight of that thing
    Me: In work out clothes w/ curly brown hair and my Antilope Ava
  15. I believe that seafoam green is not an authentic paddy color... :wtf:
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