Chloe bag on sale....$600 from $1645

  1. @ Nordtroms in MD, ask for Mary (410)296-2111.... On hold under Ali!!!!
  2. great deal. what model?
  3. Not sure..... from the description it may have been the Tracy.
  4. Woohoo! I got it my VERY FIRST CHLOE BAG! THANKS ALI you the BEST!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::wlae::wlae:
  5. which one was it?
  6. darnit! i needed a chloe tracy too. eBay here i come!
  7. Its two-toned whiskey and tan.....:wlae:
  8. Congrats!!!!! Please post pics when you get it. I'm sure she will be gorgeous!!!!
  9. that's the one i wanted the two-toned ones, but in whickey and taupe
  10. Kay I got the bag...but not thrilled about it, just not spicy enough for me:crybaby:I will probably just return it or sell it on eBay....I think I have my heart set on a paddington I like the more chunky-bling-bling bags.
  11. Oh nooo, sorry to hear that:s! Can you post pics in the chloe thread??? She has a brown paddy right now for $740, I was just about to post the info:yes:.
  12. Thanks ali...I will take some pics tonight and try and post tomorrow....where should I post in the chloe section?
  13. In the general chloe forum not in the chloe shopping subforum:smile:.