Chloe bag on Bluefly. Not sure of style -- maybe Silverado

  1. Silverado tote maybe?????
  2. Definitely a that the doctor bag?
  3. Thanks for posting.

    I thought the bag looks pregnant.
  4. On sale AND pregnant...a great find! I could have a litter of little Chloes running around the house! Baby Paddy, anyone?
  5. It is the large Silverado Doctor bag.
  6. Did someone get it? I know nothing about Chloe so have no idea if the price is good or not. If someone here got it, remember to use the 15% off code.
  7. If that was the silver python, I'd be drooling right now! How I love the doctor bag in python... yummmyyyyy!!!!

  8. HaHaHa!!! :lol: