Chloe Bag in Taupe

  1. Hi Everyone,

    Hoping someone here might be able to shed some light on my query. I have recently decided to become a Chloe Paddington owner and as such decided on purchasing the paddington in cream from NAP. However, after reading heaps of threads on chloe bags, i heard that Luisaviaroma is also a good place to purchase from and after searching through their huge selection, i have decided on buying the taupe instead of the cream. Here is the dilemma - they list the paddington with a picture of what seems to look like a taupe colour but when you double click on the item to further investigate it is listed as mousse (which i thought was meant to be a greeny grey colour? Could someone please tell me if taupe is an old colour that is no longer being sold?? Many many thanks :flowers:
  2. Can anyone help please? :sad:
  3. Taupe is a Spring/Summer 06 colour, but also so is the Mousse I thought
  4. What name are they calling it? I did notice that on their multiple picture offerings,
    some of the other pictures are depicted in colors other than the main one.

    If they are calling it taupe, and it is in stock now, then it is taupe.
  5. erm, this is the taupe colour, very true to real life colour :smile:

    I borrowed the picture courtersy of ebay, it is a gorgeous colour, I love it.
    I know LVR has discrepencies with their colours, if in doubt, I would call them before you place an order, as the mousse is v different to the taupe :smile: it is almost a dove grey colour.
    Hope that helps
  6. i have the mousse paddington, it is definitely dove grey (grey/green)