Chloe bag in Python?

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  1. Yah, DH promised me a Chloe python bag for my birthday! But I am not sure which one to take, as I have not seen any in marcie, seen a few in paraty and maybe python leather comes also in other Chloe bag series!

    So, the question is, which Chloe bag would YOU get in python leather? and why?

    Love to hear your answers!
  2. #2 Mar 29, 2014
    Last edited: Mar 29, 2014
    I love the beige python in the Marcie Hobo, but I don't see it on online stores. So, I would probably pick the Paraty Black Python because I think it's beautiful and classy.
  3. Thank you, SweetDaisy.

    What do you think of marcie black python in medium? Yes love the Paraty black python!

  4. The black python looks nice, but I prefer the beige python more. The beige python has a nice contrast of color between the light and dark beige.
  5. I would go for a colour python paraty - show off those scales!
  6. I just saw the blue python paraty on a lady a few days ago and it was stunning...
  7. Marcie Marcie Marcie...:heart::heart::heart:
  8. A paraty is dressier imo so python suits it perfectly. But go with your gut.

    In terms of color, my first python was a black medium paraty, I kick myself for not having chosen the gold-toned one that was offered at the same time. It was a creamy beige, not too pale, but brown either, just the perfect golden color.

    Because seriously, python scales are MORE beautiful in color. Black is too conservative, and not nearly as noticeable.

    So for my second python I got one in blue. :smile: Let me know what you've decided.
  9. I would get a python Paraty. Somehow I am not really into python Marcies...