chloe bag from LVR

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  1. hey has anyone of you purchased something from LVR from the states. i wanna get the chloe pocket bag there but i dont want the duties to turn out to be ridiculous for it to make more sense to just buy it here. thanks!!

    also - do you guys prefer the classic paddington or the pocket bag? thanks!!
  2. I have. Its still waay cheaper to buy from there even with taxes and fees. duty is about 10% of the total, shipping is free if over 1000 euros and conversion fees from your cc/bank can vary.
  3. I ordered a big pocket Paddington from LVR to the States, and it ended up around $400 less than buying it here. The customs duties were about 10% plus $25 for some weird fee.

    About your "preference" question, it depends on whether you look good with long bags that are more rectangular than boxy...the Paddy's triangular shape looks odd on me, but the pocket is more of a square shape and slightly larger than the Paddy.
  4. I got my medium Paddy Zippy from LVR and I saved over $400. I'm told that FedEx will bill me about 10% for duties around two weeks later but my savings of $400 includes that 10%. I think the typical cost is around $200 less on the regular satchels (I'm not positive on that).

    On the down side, their return policy is nowhere near as good as what we have here from our department stores and you have to pay duties going BACK so if you don't like your bag, it's not a good deal.

    But LVR wraps up the packages nice and purtty in a really nice box!
  5. What in the world is LVR?
  6. Definitely prefer the original satchel.. but it does depend on what size you want!