Chloe bag for $540 @ Nordies

  1. Gold paddington satchel marked down from $1300 to $540 at Nordies in MD!!!!! Ask for Mary(410-296-2111) On hold under Ali...someone grab it quick:tup:
  2. ^great deal! mary's fabulous... i bought a sale paddy from her tues:tup:
  3. I just talked to Mary, she said it's a metallic gold Edith new satchel. Sounds beautiful from what she described! Great price too.
  4. any pics guys on this bag-is it a muted gold or bright?
  5. I took the plunge and got it! It's my first chloe.
    If its not me-i can return, she gave me free shipping-and no tax for me.
    I couldn't pass up 534.00.
    Thanks .
  6. ^^ super duper deal, free shipping and no tax, you must have done some sweet talking ;)
  7. Congratulations on the bag!!!! You will love Chloe! Mary had told me that it's a muted gold, not a shiny/brassy tone.

    But, how can you bypass tax? do you live in a tax-free state?
  8. My state does not have a nordtroms-thus no tax-yey!
    I'm really Excited about it-I'LL POST PICS LATER
  9. congrat!!! so was it a paddington or edith? Both are beautiful!
  10. It was an Edith satchel and thanks.
    I love gold b/c it can be dressy and when you don't want black, brown or white it gives you another choice,
  11. I seem a gold edith in person (but it was the larger one). The color is so beautiful. I think the color is new too, I am suprise they are marking it down so much..
  12. You're right it is a new color and is regular price at other stores, but they only had this one so they marked it down when they marked other cHLOES down-go figure..
  13. :yahoo:woo hoo:yahoo: Congrats!!! That was a fabu deal, glad it went to a pf'er:tup:. Please post pics when you get it................
  14. sweet!! i guess sometimes it IS a good thing when stock is low or if selection is limited at certain stores. congrats!
  15. that's so sweet of you to put it on hold too. smart thinking. :smile: