Chloe bag for $497!!!!

  1. The Bloomingdales in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts only has one Chloe handbag left on clearance... and the clearance bags are 50% off right now.

    They have a chocolate color betty xs satchel on sale for $479.99

    I put it on hold with my SA... hurry and call if you are interested... it's the last one!

    Bloomingdales: 617-630-6000
    ask for handbags and the Sales Associate is Kristina (she's there until 6 pm... but the bag will remain on hold until closing tonight).
    -----the bag is on hold under my name: Nyree (pronounced ny'ree) betty.jpg <!-- google_ad_section_end --><!-- / message -->
  2. Awesome deal! I hope someone here gets it.
  3. I'm nowhere near there, so it won't be me that gets it. But it's very kind of you to do that for your fellow tPFers. And you have a VERY pretty name.
  4. Thanks!

  5. You can do a charge send silly. You can just call and they will ship it to you!