Chloe bag extra 50% off at Bloomies NYC

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  1. Just came from Bloomingdales NYC and they had a Chloe Cyndi Tote for an extra 50% off of sale price. Not sure exactly how much it was, but the tag on the bag said $11XX. It was gray and green. Good luck!
  2. Thanks for posting. I love the Cyndi except that it is so freaking heavy!
  3. great for bicep curls IF you can't make it to the gym!
    LOL - it is great lookin', but gheez.....
  4. I keep stumbling on it at great prices, but every time I lift it up... Maybe if you live in the suburbs and drive everywhere. I think this bag would be about $550-- a great price!
  5. i love this bag AND love it in this color combo, but alas...too many bags!