Chloe Bag - a few problems

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  1. Hi there

    My boyfriend bought me a Chloe Paddington about 2 years ago. He bought it from a shop in Richmond, Surrey, England which has now gone.

    I am sure that the bag is real, but the padlock has fallen off and broken (the lock wont work and keeps coming open) and even the semi-circle ring that the padlock clips on to has now fallen off. Does anyone know of a shop where I could get it repaired. I live in Epsom, Surrey.

    I dont think I can go back to Chloe as the bag is 2 years old, but I do think this is a bit much considering how much the bag cost!

    Many thanks,

  2. ^^ Hi - its unusual for the padlock to break and also the 'u'. I wonder - is it possible for you to post some photos of the paddy - just so I can have a look at the damage? Actually would be good to see the bottom of the padlock itself -

    If you can post images - you can upload them here - but they must be too large. Hopefully we can check the bag - and see if its ok - and also the damage and colour to determine what padlock you would require to match in.

    It would be possible for you to go to Chloe with this - however, you need to be certain the bag is authentic before you do that - as if it isn't they are within their rights to confiscate the paddy - as it breaches copyright and is a Trademark infringement. Thats why it would be good if we could check her out first for you.
  3. God I hope the bag is real as I saw the receipt for a little under £1000 and it was sold from a very posh shop in Richmond! The padlock is at home but I have just taken a couple of pictures of the bag itself and emailed them to myself so I will post them up ASAP. I did use the bag every day quite solidily, so it was well used! Thanks!
  4. rebeccapoppy - Hi - if you have a problem uploading the photos - you can pop them into a Photobucket Album and then post the link here. - - its free.

    The padlocks can break - and in fact - there is a 'fix' for the padlock - i.e., if its not locking or not staying locked - so that is fixable. However, if the 'u' has detached, then thats immaterial, as you don't have anything to fasten it to. I wouldn't expect the 'u' to break - as it should be able to withstand every day use without any problem. However, without seeing the bag its not possible to determine - and I think thats the best thing - we do that - and then try and point you in the right direction for a repair.
  5. I cant load the pictures as they are too big! I will try and suss how to reduce the size....
  6. Hi

    I'm going to have to load these at home as my work computer is not having it at all! They bar everything!


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    Hi - email the photos to me -
  8. Thanks!
  9. ^^ I've responded to your email - so just wanted to mention - in case it turns up as 'spam':yes: