Chloe Bag 599 @ Nordstrom Rack in King of Prussia

  1. Saw the bag below today at the Nordstrom Rack in PA. It was on the rack next to the wallets. I believe it's a betty. Note the handles were the one with the chain. I know there were some threads about that.
  2. thanks for the post... it's hard to tell what the color is though... looks like a camel/nude color.
    very pretty bag
  3. it's the dark brown. Sorry it's a cell phone pic.
  4. Just called to see if the bag is still available, and was told they have no Chloe's. Either it was sold, or the SA doesn't recognize it as a Chloe. In fact, she told me they haven't gotten any in recently, which makes me think it's just not being recognized. A great deal for anyone looking for a Betty.
  5. It was there unless someone bought it. I was there around 10am which is when the store opened. I doubt the SA knew what to look for.
  6. If someone else calls it might help by saying it's on the rack with the straw bags.
  7. Did someone get this beauty????
  8. I will go there now. Will report back
  9. Please do! Thanks!
  10. OK, it is still there. It is a milk chocolate (medium brown) color (sorry I don't know what Chloe calls it) shoulder bag. It has the brushed nickel alloy hardware.

    It appears to be used. There is rubbing wear along the pockets where the color has rubbed off. The stitching on one of the leather swatches (zipper pull) is loose. It's a tack stitch that is not tight on the back.

    It is missing the Chloe tag and the dust bag.

    Tag states original price $2040, $599.99.

    For me, it is a "used bag". I am not intereseted in the bag for myself.

    If anyone is interested, give them a call.
  11. Thanks for posting more details. I didn't look that close as I wasn't too interested.