chloe baby paddy, jimmy choo ramona, gucci, balenciaga, prada at filene's in nyc

  1. I saw two chloe bags early Friday evening at the Filene's basement in union square. There was a baby paddington for $899 in light beige and a medium shopper in brown for i don't know the price.

    They are in the locked case. I also saw a Jimmy Choo Ramona in Black for $1200-$1400. A small black shaggy Prada for $1200(?), a couple of Guccis for under $1000. There was also a balenciaga whistle key purse in beige for under a $1000, but it is missing the key. Otherwise, it is in great condition.

    At the Filene's on sixth avenue I saw a lovely Dior gaucho in red (not sure of the official color), for $1200. Lovely bag.

    And thanks to the wonderful tpf-er for posting this 20% off coupon earlier. It is good until 9/25.
  2. omg, were they monogrammed Guccis there?! Shoulder bags, totes, do u know what type of bag it was???

    ^waiting in anticipation^!!!
  3. They had Chloe, Burberry, Fendi(I think?) and Prada in the Columbus, Ohio one one Friday. The Chloe was a camel colored Paddy.