Chloe Ava -s/s 07 Piccies

  1. The Ava and the Bay seem to be the most talked about bags from the latest Chloe s/s 2007 collection.

    Thought it would be good to post piccies and we can discuss in time.

    Chloe Ava Shoulder strap

    Chloe Ava tote

    any opinions yet!
  2. I like the tote better. But there is nothing this season that I must have.
  3. Totally love the Shoulder strap, also the tote but not so sure about the black zipper pull. I am drooling over th shoulder strap bag, cant wait to see IRL. Thanks for the pics!!
  4. Thanks for the pics. But Im still stuck on the paddy and the silverado multipocket. Think I'll be passing on this seasons bags.
  5. They both look cute, but the black zipper pull on tote bothers me too...
  6. not very exciting, if you ask me.
  7. Of course not! The more discussion the better IMO.
  8. The tote is the best but don't like either very much!