Chloe Ava inspired my weird subway stalking :-)

  1. I was taking the T in Boston yesterday and saw this bag that stopped me in my tracks. It's very rare that I see a bag that makes me look twice... In Boston I see alot of Coach, DB and LV, but nothing that catches my eye like this. With this one, I had to get closer and figure out where in heaven it had come from! The wearer didn't look very friendly, so I decided that just asking her outright wasn't an option.

    I ended up sliding through the crowded car train to get close to her, and even "accidentally" dropped my shopping bag so that I could bend down to get a closer look. I stopped short of touching it because I know I wouldn't want strangers touching my bag on the T, but this took ALOT of self restraint because the leather was calling to me... I was seriously possessed by this bag!!!! :love:

    So when I got home I rushed to the Chloe reference forum and thanks to you all figured out it's an Medium Ava - not sure about the color since it seemed a lighter tan than the Antelope color, but not sure it was Whiskey either. It was this gorgeous caramel tan - it had some wear and i think looked even better for it.

    1400$ on bluefly is light years out of my student budget so I will have to content myself with drooling over the online pics and praying some miracle eBay deal comes around. :crybaby:

    dear lord, i am truly in love with a bag!!!
  2. Poor girl...if you buy this Chloe I'm afraid it won't be your last!!:love:
  3. Nice writing~!

    Isnt it funny how powerful a handbag can be?

    Good Luck to you. Hopefully soon you will find the Ava that's right for you!:flowers:
  4. That's what happens when the lightening bolt of Chloe hits us........know exactly how you feel, I walked into Saks and saw that bag (the larger one) and knew I had to have it. I waited for it to go on sale, used a gift card, and then later my wonderful SA gave me credit for the next markdown (since I had just bought it a couple of weeks prior), so I got a really good price. This is a show stopper bag, pics just do not do it justice, as you know. I'm sure you'll find one with a good price, don't give up, I've seen some great deals on e-bay.

  5. Hmmm, Chloe experts... is 900-950$ a good price do you think for a NWT Ava? It seemed to only go as low as 1170$ at NM from what I can tell, but I'm also maybe spoiled by seeing Ediths on sale for 660$ last spring... Is Ava in a different category than the Ediths in terms of markdowns do you think?

  6. llson, savvy shopping! which color do you have? i'm having a hard time figuring out Antilope vs. Whiskey. This Whiskey Ava seems much lighter than the Whiskey Ediths I've seen (a more warm reddish brown).
  7. Not sure there was a whiskey, I have only heard/seen Antilope and Mocha, I think some of the web sites call Antilope whiskey(??). Also, the Antilope seems to get 'richer looking' with wear, making it appear a bit darker.
  8. I could see how you would be mesmerized by this bag:yes:, I have the large in Antilope and she is quite a beauty:love:. Especially as she gets older because the leather darkens a bit and has some kind of sheen to it. Having that third strap makes it a very versatile bag I can use it as messenger in the day and satchel in the evening! I only wish I would have gotten Mocha too:girlsigh:.

  9. that makes sense - i've seen them listed as antilope and whiskey but cannot see any discernible difference in those colors so they may indeed be only one lighter tan version (antilope) and some are mislabeling it as whiskey.

    thanks for the clarification!
  10. ooh! is this the mocha version? it looks darker than the antilope i've seen but not exactly the same as the mocha i've seen on some tPF pics...
  11. No, it's Antilope but depending on the lighting it can look very different in pictures.
  12. What a great story about the "T" experience! I so get that lightening bolt "hit" as it happened to me as well with my first viewing of a paddy. You have GOT to get that bag. Use the "Secret" and stare at a picture of it constantly.