Chloe Autumn Accessories

  1. My SA from NM just sent me the Chloe autumn '06 accessories catalog. There are some amazing bags -

    - Python Betty in aubergine - a new design with long chain shoulder strap
    - Edith with shoulder strap in grey
    - Edith whisky in a new shape
    - Paddy shopping tote, with zippered bottom in orange
    - Paddy shoulderbag with zipped compartments in grey
    - Silverado satchel - similar to a messenger bag in brown

    I will try to load the catalog pictures, but I will need some help.
    I thought I was done with Chloe, but I love all the new styles!:biggrin::biggrin:
  2. I saw the Edith shoulder strap at NM Newport Beach today. It is an interesting style (main part of bag), but the strap is quite "clunky".