Chloe (Australia)

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  1. Is there any chance Black Paraty goes on sales at David Jones?

    I wonder if I should wait...
  2. If this happens I would like to know about it too!! not sure if it will though.
  3. I have seen them go on sale, same as other Chloe bags. The last time I saw Chloe bags on sale at DJs, they were around $1200 - bargain!! The problem is, they get snapped up pretty quickly, so you either have to wandering through on the day they mark them down, or build up a really good relationship with a SA, they way they do in the US. Problem is, we don't seem to have that same culture here, and as far as I know, there isn't a dedicated Chloe SA at DJs (not the one at Sydney CBD or Bondi Junction anyway).

    Also, if you ever chance upon a paraty on sale, make sure you check it over. By the time they go on sale, it's usually the display ones which have been handled like crazy so they're not always in perfect shape. You gotta weigh up the discount against the damage to the bag.