Chloe Audra/Marc Jacobs MP on sale at NM!

  1. Go get them girls. Sherri at NM Hawaii (877-951-8887) has these two bags on sale:

    Black quilted MP with chain handle $492

    Chloe taupy grey audra $789
    Chloe.JPG Chloe side.JPG
  2. Very cute!!! So sweet of you to post:yes:!
  3. How does the MJ look like?
  4. Its the small multipocket!
  5. Is the Chloe audra a light beige color? My mom wants it... but if I order over the phone, do I also need either AMEX or Neiman card? thanks!
  6. I believe those are the only two they take in the store. However, You can purchase a gift card online with any card and use that to make the in store purchase.
  7. If I were you I'd call Sherry right away and reserve one!
  8. super cute!!
  9. These bags will be shipped out (to the outlets) by the end of the day today or tomorrow. So if you are thinking about them hurry up and call her.