chloe at south coast plaza

  1. is it true that they're giving 20%off this nov 9 weekend? tia
  2. yes, but you have to give a $50 donation to get the 20% off. I think you can get 20% off at all participating stores...once you give the $50 donation.
  3. The $50.00 is a donation to purchase the Angelitos Card which benefits the Big Brothers/Big Sister of Orange County. It's so worth it! 100% deductible and you can use it at Chloe and many other stores. 20% off of a pristine Paddy!
  4. MY SA Alana at Chloe said it does NOT include Paddingtons.....
  5. WHAT? :cursing:
    Thanks Donna, you just saved me a trip and some CASH!
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