Chloe at Shoe Pavillion?

  1. Hello Ladies,

    I just got back from buying a pair of slides at the Huntington Beach Shoe Pavillion in the Bella Terra Center, and as I was walking out the door, saw this:

    img081.jpg img080.jpg

    I'm sorry about the poor quality - my treo does not have a flash. While I admire the Chloe bags, they are just not my style and much too delicate for me. But I'm not one to hold back from telling others about a sale, especially if this is a good price (I have no idea!).

    The price was $999 - 20% off. The entire store has a 20% off sale - the SA confirmed that the discount applied to the bags as well. She said the bag came complete with everything - there were care cards, the lock / key, and dustbag held at the register. They also had some small Prada and Fendi bags. I also have no idea about the authenticity, but the SA seemed to feel they were from a reputable source, and they get in high-end bags about every 3-4 months.

    If interested: Shoe Pavillion, 7777 Edinger Ave, Huntington Beach, CA. 714-799-4518