Chloe at Nordstrom

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  1. I just wanted to let you ladies know that some of the silverados are going on sale at Nordstrom on 11/28.
  2. is it online also? thank you for the heads up.
  3. Thanks for the posting. Do u know when will the paddies on sale? :smile:
  4. Do you know what's the discount on the silverado? Thx.
  5. No, Nordstrom doesnt sell Chloe online and only certain stores carry Chloe.
  6. The one I was looking at is 1900 and it will be on sale for 1100.
  7. SA I spoke to yesterday said 40% off, but wasnt sure on styles. My regular SA is going tocall when she finds out all the details
  8. THANKS! I so want a python anything -- hopefully Betty!
  9. I was told today that Chloe will be going on sale at Nordies for 40 percent off. Certain styles of course. I asked about Ediths and Paddies (because that's all I care about. Let's be real). She said for sure silverados were on sale, but she said she would call me and let me know what Ediths and Paddies would be on sale once they got the list. I'm going to call my main SA today too to let her know what to be looking for.
  10. 40% would make sense cuz the bag I am looking at is 1900 and will be on sale for 1100. The SA told me it would be silverados and she is pretty sure that is it. They can also change the date till 11/28 and tell you if the bag will be on sale.
  11. Tues is my BD. I might have to take a trip! Thanks for the info.
  12. I was at Nordstroms South Coast today and they were giving 20% off Betty bags only because the Chloe store upstairs was doing it. Just Bettys. I dont buy Chloe anymore, so I didnt buy anything. ALSO for Celine bag fans, all Celine bags were 40% off today. Any style.
  13. Oh Donna,
    Did they have much Celine? Why don't you buy Chloe anymore, did you have a problem with them?
  14. They had quite a few Celines, a silvery Boogie bag that was TDF and I almost bought it. almost. I just got burned out on Chloe, I had way too many of them at one point (I think the count was at almost 30). And I got tired of the padlocks. I had several people tell me the Paddys were a little juvenile for me (I'm not as young as most of you on here) and I guess I let it get to me. I only have a Tekla left thatI have on ebay now (for the millionth time it seems). I still go into my Chloe store all the time. If its meant to be, I will buy it. But I have been a good girl. I didnt buy any bags today. I did buy my daughter a dress at Ron Herman though. That hurt a bit.:nuts:
  15. Thanks Donna! The silvery Boogie sounds great. I know what you mean about burnout. I am looking to find a python Betty and I think that is it for me on Chloe --- my count is still under 10 I think???? I better check!
    I'll check out your Tekla - hopefully Ebay is picking up now and it will go to a good home for Christmas.