Chloe at Nordstrom Rack

  1. Today I scored a Black Betty tote at NR for $499. The Betty did not have any Chloe tags or a coin purse, but I think its authentic!?! Is this a keeper?

    This was the only Chloe I saw, but I've heard that Chloes have been spotted at different Racks.
    DSC_0020a_marked.JPG DSC_0019a_marked.JPG DSC_0016a_marked.JPG
  2. ohhh hot! which rack was this hehe
  3. Oh my.. your so lucky. Congrats on the great find!!!
  4. That looks great! Congrats! Now I want to hit my local NR too! :smile:
  5. Wow! You are so lucky. Enjoy your deal.
  6. Great Deal!!
  7. Wow! Congratulations...

    nothing but Michael Kors at my Rack... b-o-r-i-n-g!! :yucky:

    But ... very happy for you!! Also keeps us all running back to the rack, eh?