Chloe at NM and Saks in Beverly Hill

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  1. Dear Friends,
    I've went to NM and Saks of BH today and saw the following:

    Betty Tote (black, mastic, brun), Large Betty Satchel (don't rembem the color), Whisky Edith Canteen, and Mascat Edith w/front packet

    Betty Chain (red patent lether), Siverado, Edith shopper (Ivory), Tracy (Whisky/Taupe) in 3 different sizes, Tekla (large and small) in Brun

    Also they still have some CHANEL (cavier lether and suede), lots of Dior, Fendi B bag at NM.

    The SA are nice in NM BH but ONLY the male SA are nice at Saks BH....

    Hope these info can help some of you looking for the above bags....

    Happy Holiday,
  2. Thanks, any on sale?
  3. Dear Nerdphanie:
    hi, I thing Saks is 30% off but NM is 40% off.

    Tons of shoes too at both stores.

    Hope this info helps...