chloe at aloha rag!

  1. Thanks MsFlutter! I wish they had some bbags too though. :P
  2. argh how come i can't see any paddy on sale??
  3. I saw it too, but I wish they'll have some paddy for sale!!!
  4. I have never seen any of AR's regular Paddys go on sale, have you? Anyway, those small loaf Ediths are soooo cute. I have never been an Edith fan, but...
  5. anybody has pics with their Edith small loaf?
  6. I also just placed an order from aloha rag just now, it was the price that really make it attractive. I have seen both colors IRL but never bought it because I don't think I want to spend over $1000 on it (I am not really a chloe bag fans), but now the discount is perfect.

    But I was torn between chocolate VS whiskey, I think whiskey is more popular coz I saw more pics of whiskey Edith in this forum, but I ended up order the chocolate coz I looked at my wardorbe and I think chocolate would work better, just more versatile IMO compared to whiskey.

    Also, I bought a b-bag from aloharag last year but forgot did they required signature. Does anyone know if sigature is required? Since I am not home most of the time and I have had packages stolen before it's better if they required signature upon delivery. Thanks.
  7. Great sales!!!! :nuts:
  8. thanks so much for posting the info!
  9. Thank you for posting!!!
  10. Thanks for posting. But I never bought anything from these people? Are they a reputable site I just want to make sure before I make a purchase.
  11. This will be my first experience with them, but they are very reputable! not to mention, very friendly and nice customer service!
  12. I bought a bbag from ar in august and it was a great transaction. no worries.