Chloe Ascot Tote

  1. I am by no means a Chloe expert, so am turning to you ladies...

    Does this style have a zip-top? If not, what does it have as a closure, or is it just open? Thanks! :smile:
  2. Tes, this bag has an open top. And deep/thick. And if you want thick leather like a paddy, don't buy this. The leather is very thin.
  3. Thank you! Is there anyway to close the top at all? Some sort of fastener? Or is it just open & that's it?
  4. I honestly don't remember but maybe a magnetic closure? I'll check when I go to Nordstrom.
  5. This looks sooooo like the Chloe Tote that I have just received this afternoon from NAP - maybe mines seems more square than this does rectangular but it definately has a zip at the top. I'm going to try and get pics on here for you.
  6. OMG - I *SO* wanted the square tote from NAP!! By the time I went to buy it was sold out - I guess you grabbed it! :smile: Yes, I do know the square tote you have totally has a zip top. I was hoping this one did too, but I guess not.
  7. Smc
    Was it this one?
    As I said it arrived this afternoon and it is even more amazing than in the pics - I sooooo love it, definately keeping it... I will try and post real pics later tonight.
  8. YES!! That is it. I am so regretting not getting it. And I'm not sure it's at the Chloe boutiques anymore. Glad you love it!
  9. I was gonna tell you about that one on NAP but I for got earlier. :lol: Anyway, the one that's on sale on NAP is diff from the one on sale at NM. The one at NM is rectangular.
  10. The NM tote is so nice....someone should nab it at that price!