Chloe Ascot Tote $560 @ BG

  1. OOOo super cute LOVE the color someone get it get it! :p
  2. so cute, too bad i am on a ban
    nevertheless thanks for posting
  3. super cute - thanks for the post!
  4. sigh....I need to stay away from tPF until I am ready to pull the trigger on a purchase. I really like this bag. No more impulse buys, though.
  5. Same goes here.
  6. would buy if it were in black.
  7. how big is this bag? So Cute and a great price!
  8. oooh thx so cute. no tax or shipping either so tempting
  9. L14.5" x H 8.75" x D 10.5"

    I have this bag and love it. It is something you can kind of toss around and it is very casual and comfortable to carry. It is much slouchier/floppier than shown in the pic. You can see a bigger pic. and get a better description here:
  10. It's Back!!!!!!
  11. Too bad I have to be good! Someone buy it! The price so good.
  12. Sooooooo cute. The price is sooo good. But, I can't decide between a few bag: Gustto Parina, Gutto Baca, Botikier Sasha Duffle, or this Chloe. I'm addicted and indecisive!
  13. The bag is so cute! Too bad it's gone (my bank account will thank me though!)
  14. i cancelled my order so hope someoe can get it