Chloe Ascot in Tan for 560$ at BG

  1. it's gone!
  2. hope someone here got it! anyone?
  3. Got it a few weeks ago. It's gorgeous!
  4. It's back!
  5. It's back again. I wish so bad it had a zip top. I am too nervous to buy a bag like that with an open top.
  6. It *does* have a zip top. I don't know why it says "open top" because it definitely zips all the way across the top. It kind of flaps open on each side, but it zips. Click on the thumbnail to get a better view of the top.
  7. nice! any pix of you holding the bag? :smile: i cancelled my order when it was available so i'd like to live vicariously :smile:
  8. I'll try to get some. :smile:
  9. Ohhh I wish they would get their descriptions right. I would have bought that bag ages ago. Now let the stalking begin....wish me luck