Chloe Ascot Hobo & Tod's T Bag Media on sale at NM

  1. ascot is gone!
  2. ascot's gone - too bag, it was a beauty
  3. chloe gone! That's a cute bag too.
  4. I don't know how, but I think I just got the Ascot. My order shows In Process. I'm keeping my fingers crossed...

    Thanks for posting!
  5. Congratulations :biggrin:

    I think I have placed the Ascot earlier than you. But I change my mind then cancelled it. (I have read someone complaint the stripe is kind of wired. Just for your reference though) Please model us when you get the purse.
  7. the tods is gone, poo, let me know if it comes back pm me, thanks!
  8. I will post pics. I read those posts too, but i think if you hook the strap up right (like in the NM pic) it will be fine. I think I'll like it because I have the Ascot Tote and I love the casual style of the leather and the bag. Thanks for canceling! :smile:
  9. The Ascot Hobo is kind of horrible and going back tomorrow. The strap thing is ridiculous and would never stay together. I don't get it...
  10. Agreed!! I bought it last summer and *wanted* to love it, just couldn't understand how to use the strap :shrugs:

  11. *whimpers* why only butt-ugly bags go on sale? nothing I like goes on sale, ever
  12. how come when I go to the NM site, the sale items I see are only Cole Haan, Isabelle Fiore, etc... :confused1: How come the Chloe, Tod's, Gucci, Prada don't show up on the "sales and values" section? Help!
  13. NO regrets girls, the Chloe Ascot hobo is horrible. The straps are not fastened securely, hence they were just flapping around. There's a little piece of leather to hold it in place, but it just slides off easily. The bag arrived in the mail today (bought it at NM sale). I want to love it but...oh well.