Chloe 'ardoise' Colour???

  1. Does anyone know the colour 'ardoise'? What is it like?
    Is it black? Does anyone have a chloe bag or wallet thats the colour 'ardoise'?

    Thanks guys :smile:
  2. ardoise is a color that they name clothes for sure. I don't recall ever seeing that name for a bag. but i think it's a light color... like a beige. i'm not certain, i'll try to do some research.
  3. It is a taupe. Really lovely.
  4. ardoise is a greyish 'charcoal colour...I don't think it's got any brown beige in it to check that out
  5. I've seen the rectangular quilted Bay in 'Ardoise'. I'd described it as a sort of nutty mid-brown colour. I might actually have a Jpeg of this bag somewhere, so if I can find it I'l post it here for you (I'm also pretty sure I've seen this colour on an on-line shopping site - will have a poke about for it).
  6. I found the photo of the Ardoise Bay but can't seem to upload it here, so I'll try and PM you with it.
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