Chloe and Neiman Marcus Last Call Orlando

  1. Yesterday I was at the NM Last Call in Orlando. I spotted several Chloes - 1 Black Paddington Shopper Tote w/the Zipper at the Bottom, several Large Edith Bowler Bags and the colors were Red, Jade Green, Ivory or Beige (didn't look at the tag) and 1 Black. There were a few Medium Edith Satchel Totes as well and I remember seeing I think the color is called Muscade (a shade of brown). The prices ranged from $700 - $800 USD. Before anyone asks, I only saw Ediths - no Avas, Paddys (other than the black I described above) or any others.

    Here is the good part - there will be a 20% off one item coupon beginning October 1 thru October 31st. If any of you can hold your purchases until then, you would receive the coupon price. They also will take photos and send to you before you make the purchase if you ask them to. They will not do any pre-sale (I asked before I left) but if you call...umm let's say around the 29th or 30th of this month, you may be able to convince them to do so.

    The Sales Associate I worked with was Sheena Frazer and the store number is (407) 264-2988.

    These prices may not be as inexpensive as some of the Summer Sales, but they did have a lot of the bags I described above for those who may be looking for one.

    I may not be able to respond to any posts related to this prior to Wednesday due to me traveling back to my home but if you have any questions, just give Sheena a call at the outlet. Enjoy your shopping Ladies!!!!
  2. Awwww...why am I poor( this month)!!!! Thanks for the great listing and very detailed nice of you!!! Hopefully, one of the more financially situated gals on here will snatch it up!!
  3. Thanks sfenell14 for sharing this info, I, too, was there over the weekend--Sat., there was at that time a Whiskey Edith and a couple of Mastic?? gray color (regular size Ediths), I believe the price was $510. The bowlers were $700-$800. Also, the black paddy shopper that I saw was missing the lock, the price was $600ish. I picked up a large Tod's D bag (cognac) for just over $400-- there was the Anniversary sale going on which was an addition $10 off per each $100 you spent, as well as 5% more if you have a Neiman's charge. Unfortunately, that sale ended yesterday, but the 20% off in Oct. is a great deal!! If you use a Neiman's charge, you will get another 5% off your purchases.
  4. thanks For The Tip Ladies!!!!