Chloe and Balenciaga on sale @ Joan Shepp

  1. Joan Shepp in Philadelphia, PA is having a renovation sale. All of their Chloe bags are 30% off. I don't really know Chloe, but they had quite a few paddingtons, silverados and some other styles.

    They had 3 Balenciaga Weekenders on sale for $969-two in black and one in a dark brown color.
  2. They have a shrug on sale too--I just called them (didn't buy anything, but was curious about the sale)
  3. thanks guys!
  4. what color of paddies did you see? thanks!
  5. Anyone already have the Phone number?
  6. thanks :flowers:
  7. I'm not a Chloe fan, so I'm not sure what colors they had. There were bluish/greyish/tealish looking ones and brown ones.

    You're better off calling if you want a color name.

    I was there asking about the Balenciaga bags for the fall, so I didn't really pay attention to the Chloe, other than the SA telling me that they were all 30% off.
  8. thanks for posting!
  9. Do you know, are they all sales final? Thanks :cool:
  10. I do NOT see
  11. Ask for AMY! She is wonderful. Sales are final, but if something is wrong with it, just give her a call when you receive it.

    2 Python Silverados
    1 Paddy Satchel in Pale Yellow (juane?)
    2 Paddy Sm Pockets in Taupe & Mousse

    Betty Totes - lg and sm Gladys I think, not sure

    Balenciaga - Weekend Bags and Hobos

    Shipping is $10. No tax if out of state

  12. LOL, yeah, there was a reason I specifically did not PM you about this sale. STEP AWAY FROM THE HANDBAGS, JILL!!
  13. Some SA told me they only had a black hobo (in terms of hobo selection). Did you hear otherwise? And what was the price?
  14. Prices are 30% off, whatever that is. I think she also said a brown weekender. I was shopping Chloe, but I asked about Balenciaga to post her.