Chloe and Balenciaga on Bluefly!

  1. LOTS on bluefly!!!! I saw a bunch of "box" bags and a gray city. Also the paddingtons are availble again as well as 2 silverados. Go!~!!:biggrin:
  2. OMG I just saw them too!!! Hurry up girls.....
  3. OMG my heart is fluttering :nuts:

    I love the green one:
    [​IMG] :love: :love: :love:
  4. ^^^get it :biggrin: Use the codes!!!!
  5. Morning Noriko ... Wish I could ... it's no longer available anyway :cry:
  6. Ooh, this is so exciting! I think someone snapped that green one up, it's not showing on my screen anymore.

    The pink is gorg too.

  7. Morning!!! awww that sucks!!! :sad:
  8. The cyclamen is beautiful! If I didnt decide on just getting my Hermes I'd have ordered one of those too :lol:
  9. What time is it where you guys are? It's almost 3 where I am- I'm glad I stayed up, I'm usually never awake when they add stuff like this :biggrin:
  10. its almost 1am here :biggrin:
  11. Anyone want the Denim Day hobo? I have it in my shopping bag.
  12. Guess we're being night owls... :smile:
    Wow, that was a rush... I'm off to bed now, hopefully to dream of B-bags
  13. Exactly 5am here *yawn* :amuse:
  14. I agree ... the cyclamen is beautiful. Wonder if the color really is that "eye-popping" though. You lucky gals ... the bag you like the most is still there. The green calf skin is nice too, but not sure how I like the two-tone colors. Oh well ... there'll be another time ;)
  15. It took the will of the GODS not to order anything else!!!!