Chloe and Balenciaga Back on Bluefly

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  1. If any one is interested, the Chloe paddington in olive and Balenciaga cyclamen in arena is back on Bluefly as of 9am this morning.
  2. they're both gone :sad2:
  3. Yeah, they are gone, but they might be back on later, yesterday they showed up a couple of times through the day,then it was back on this morning. Good luck! Also, does anyone know if the Bluefly bags are authentic stuff?
  4. yeah, bluefly is without question authentic.
  5. K, thanks for helping me out...I'm still kind of a newbie!! :amuse:
  6. booo goooneeee
  7. Way hey!! Congrats!!!:love: :biggrin:
  8. ^^^thanks :biggrin:

    Does it show up again because people dont order them and are hoarding them in their carts? Or do they actually restock these that many times a day? I never thought I'd see that paddy on bluefly again.
  9. My guess is that people keep them in their carts. But after a couple hours it goes back on the site (but stays in your cart) until someone buys it. I wish they had more stock!

    Noriko, congrats on getting the paddy!
  10. congrats on snagging that! everytime i go on bluefly everything good is already
  11. same here! if you decide you don't want the grenat paddy that you snagged from them, lemme know!
  12. Thanks everyone :biggrin:

    I definitely will amanda! ;)