Chloe Alis oversized satchel - yay or nay?

  1. I was browsing NAP and came across the Alis oversized satchel. I dismissed it straightaway and clicked on the bag listed below it. For some reason (read: I wasn't paying attention!) I ended up clicking on the Alis... and I'm impressed!

    In the individual picture, it looks like a tiny little purse, but have a look at the full length picture with the mannequin. What do you guys think? Is it a yes or a no?



  2. I see what you mean about it growing on you. Is this the bag that has on sale? I dismissed it too at first glance because it looked like a little pouch but it is more like a saddle bag. Not sure it is my style but I still admire it!
  3. Hmmm... I haven't seen it as Saks, but I'll check out your link.

    ITA about the pouch thing - in fact, before I realised how big it was, it reminded me of the daggy little purse my mum carries around when she goes overseas LOL it has that touristy "I keep all my important documents and valuables right here with me" look about it :rolleyes:
  4. Hmmm, thought it was a tiny one too, had no idea it was that large, and yes, it does grow on you. Would like to see IRL to make a final determination, not sure about the patchy looking color.
  5. Really like it, actually!
  6. On the fence about it. Does it come in any other colors?
  7. I really like it. Saw it IRL at Chloe Boutique. Not small at all. Functional too. Can be worn crossbody style, shoulder style, with strap removed, carried by hand style. The one I saw has a brown undertone. Very pretty. I remembered the leather has a shiny look to it, which the photo does not display well.
  8. I like the modelled shot, wouldn't have looked twice at the pic of the bag alone.
  9. I don't know... looks a bit marc jacobs. I mean I like marc jacobs, but i'd just buy marc jacobs if I wanted one.
  10. Thanks for your replies - I really feel the same way as you, melisande!

    divnanata - I couldn't see it on the Saks website; perhaps it sold out, given the sale?

    lllson - I'm not sure about the patchiness either. I love a washed and distressed leather bag, but the one in this photo seems a bit contrived, as though a machine has made the patches according to a pattern. I'm dying to see one IRL too! Acshih's despcription sounds pretty promising though - I wonder if anyone on tPF has bought one?

    ali w - I'm asking myself the same question! I haven't been able to find it in any other colour.

    rubyola - that is exactly what happened to me LOL :yes:

    and helium - all my MJ or MBMJ bags are really polished and blingy or soft and slouchy, so I think I was drawn to it because it's quite stiff and satchel-like. But i definitely do see a resemblance to some of that new york preppy style of the older MBMJ lines!
  11. yay. it's different
  12. Can you order it and try it out? I know that it is *really* heavy... I've been getting rid of all my heavy bags because of back pain. :sad:
  13. This bag actually comes in two sizes. One is quite small (and currently on sale at Saks in NYC) and the larger size is what's shown above.