Chloe Alice Chain evening bag

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  1. Chloe NYC did not get this beauty. Come on girls, let's find her and bring her home. I've checked NAP, BG no luck.

  2. I've seen this in python and it's really cute!!
  3. Where? Not sure if I have seen it in python. Does it come in two sizes?
  4. Hi Gloss, I saw the python in the Chloe store in Hong Kong. It's black python (or maybe a very dark brown, can't remember). So far I've only seen one size - I think it's adorable (esp the ribbons! :girlsigh:) but it seems a bit big as an evening bag, and a bit too small as a day bag...
  5. Mmmm its gorgeous!

    Maybe its just out so not in maintstream stores yet - let the hunt begin!