Chloe addiction continues - Now Marcie in Coral

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  1. #1 Oct 4, 2012
    Last edited: Oct 4, 2012
    As we know bans don't work when it comes to Chloe. I decided to add Marcie hobo to my Chloe family:wlae:
    I love hobo style, my hands are always full with coffee, keys etc, and once I found about small/medium size I knew I need one. The question was the colour. Wonderful Shari from Chloe Las Vegas also had truffle, plum, maple leaf and tan but I have too many purples and browns already, so I went for coral. The colour is saturated enough for Fall, but yet bright and cheerful for Spring. And white contrasting stitching on coral adds a nice touch.
    I included one picture with Celine Orlov for comparison of colours. Very similar, Celine's called camel if I'm not mistaken, Chloe's has a little more red/orange hues in it.
    Chloe1.jpg chloe2.jpg chloe3.jpg chloe4.jpg chloe5.jpg chloe7.jpg chloe8.jpg chloe9.jpg chloe10.jpg
  2. And details is what we love Chloe for (in addition to luscious leather, great designs and stunning colours, and quality of course).:smile:
    chloe12.jpg chloe11.jpg chloe13.jpg chloe15.jpg chloe16.jpg
  3. Beautiful!! Love the color!
  4. Gorgeous indeed!
  5. Congrats gemsberry, what a beautiful colour.
  6. Congratulations, Gemsberry! She is stunning and definitely a colour that will see you all year round. The leather looks luscious! :love:
  7. Thank you Scoobiesmomma colour is chameleon as all Chloe colours.

    Thank you Cookiesnomore!

    Thank you Yoyotomatoe, this colour is like when 'light ochre' and 'maple leaf' have a baby it will be a 'coral'. LOL

    Thank you Cupcake2008, I was so tempted by your plum Marcie but couldn't justify buying fifth purple (I still want it though and you nver know... ) :graucho:

  8. soooo beautiful! i would love a small/medium hobo! i love hobos & i love marcie! congrats!
  9. Love it, very beautiful! Congrats!
  10. Hey Bag twin :ghi5:! Congratulations on getting this gorgeous Marcie. It's such a beautiful shade...I love mine to bits. Enjoy!
  11. Ohhhh - that is just beautiful. Mod Shots! Mod Shots!
  12. Oh, it's not that purple, it's more burgandy :P Does that help to justify??! ;)
  13. Thank you, Beachgirl38. you definitely should get it, and it's coming in more colors for SS. it's so comfortable and small/meduim is perfect for my 5'5 frame.

    Thank you Katielure :flowers:
    Yay, DoubleDutch, Marcies are addictive and leather is just getting better and better with wear. What not to love!:drinkup:

    Thank you, LibJames. I'm far from making such fab modshots like you do but I have a lousy one to show proportions:smile:

  14. Oh no, Cupcake2008, I didn't hear that. Wait some voices in my head keep saying Burgandy Burgandy Burgandy. Aaaaa now I need it too:girlwhack:

  15. This is a lousy mod shot that I did myself because for DH I did NOT buy any new bags:angel: