Chloe ad search-Help!

  1. Hi-I'd love to see a copy of the old Chloe ad with all the bags piled up on top of eachother, I think Edith may have been on top, I thought it was a beautiful ad and showed off the leather quality-if you could post or point me in the direction as to where to look I'd appreciate it :p
  2. try this, it's in this thread somewhere I'm pretty sure(I tried to find it, but don't have time to look right now).
  3. Here you go:


    BTW, there was also one with Betty on top! :biggrin:
    Chloe Bag Ad (medium, chloehandbags) copy.jpg
  4. WOW!!! Thank you ladies!!! You've really made my day! So funny you mention another ad with Betty on top, even in this ad I think I see her a chain handle betty peeking out on the left side of Edith-Thank you both so much!!
  5. I looked in the celebrity thread and the Edith one and I couldn't find this ad. In the back of my mind I thought if anyone can locate this request it would be CHB! You go girl!:supacool:

  6. No problem! :flowers:

  7. LOL! :lol:

    Thanks, susie! :flowers: