Chloe Aby bag

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  1. New Chloe Aby bag. Has anybody seen it IRL? or even better bought it and have pics to share?
    It's on my list, I think I'll take the plunge soon.

    Retailers have it listed in sizes Mini, Small, Medium, Large (though there's some confusion already between Small and Medium). Only 2 sizes are listed on official Chloe site as of now
    • Medium 11.8"x10.6"x 5.1"
    • Large 15.2"x12.2"x 5.1"
    Colors (available)
    • Black,
    • Sepia Brown,
    • Motty Gray,
    • Beige,
    • Navy
    • Captive Blue,
    • Burgundy
    Comes in leathers
    • Grained,
    • Croc-embossed.
  2. Yes I saw it! I almost bought it. I was buying another bag in my Nordstrom. I thought about the Aby all that night and day. I went back to return my YSL and get the Aby or Marcie. The Aby is brand new. To open it is a bit fussy. You have push down and out and then it opens. You can also put the front middle strip thru and lock it. The colors are gorgeous though. I would have bought the blue or sepia brown. In the end I wanted a work horse and the Marcie has been proved by all the reviews to be one. So I got the Marcie
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  3. You can never go wrong with the Marcie bag!!!!!
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  4. Was the Aby heavy?
  5. I just checked out the Aby at Nordstrom. It’s gorgeous but unfortunately heavy.
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  6. I thought so. It reminds me of the Paddington in that regard. Still, it's beautiful. I might go for the chain version but I'll have to wait for reviews.
  7. Thank you for info and pics. Leather looks gorgeous indeed. I think lock is similar to Celine Belt, I kinda got used to it so it's not an issue. So tempting :loveeyes: At your picture, is it black or blue in the left? looks like two-tone.

    Marcie is hip and working horse of a bag, congrats!
  8. That’s the blue. It’s bluer than that picture shows. I didn’t think it was heavy. It’s a beautiful bag. I say go for it

    Loving the Marcie. It’s perfection and I haven’t felt that in awhile
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  9. I just saw the Aby and it’s beautiful, Nordstrom’s had it in and it’s better in person!
  10. totally! :smile:
  11. I just got the Aby Chain shoulder bag today. Despite chain straps really annoying me sometimes, the size of the bag seems great. But I'm torn between this version and the regular Aby day bag in the small. I'm a mom of a toddler and want a good workhorse everyday bag. TBH, I still love the small Tess as well. The Aby are really nice in person. Especially the chain one. I love the grey but that seems like a mistake w a Toddler hahaha
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