Chloe 70 % Off At Lvr!

  1. Hi gals! FINALLY some Chloe bags at 70 % off at! not the paddy's though (yet?) but the 2-zip Betty (I just ordered one in black! -yay-:yahoo: ) for €374 (used to be €1 245) : ::: shopping on line

    and the chain strap Betty in white: ::: shopping on line

    and the silverado python in gold for € 629 (if you missed it on NAP!) : ::: shopping on line
    (seems like they have the wrong pic though)

    (And, oh, check out the Mulberry Bayswater on sale too! : ::: shopping online )

    I will post pics of my Betty-baby as soon as she arrives! My third chloe - yay:wlae: !! (All that is missing now is the paddy...but it has to be rouge...:heart: )
  2. wow!!:nuts: this is awesome!!! Thanks for posting, Agnes - and congratulations on your new baby on its way!!!

    does anyone know about ordering from LVR from the US - how customs/duty costs are calculated and if it's a lot of money?

  3. Oh my God! Those are such great deals!!!
  4. duties/taxes/ect are about 10% of the bag price
  5. You are so lucky to be able to buy there - we Ukers miss out on soooo much

    Enjoy your fab purchases
  6. Congrats! But do you really mean Betty because I think it's the Gladys but anyway it's a great bag!
  7. Oh yes, your are right! Of course I mean 2-zip -GLADYS- :yes:

    I was just so excited I didn't know what I was tapping :nuts: :drool:
  8. Thanks for the info- I purchased two gladys, one in brown and the other in black. I have this problem with passing up a good deal. :angel: lol
  9. SOB SOB SOB SOB today I got this e-mail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    "Dear Ms. Braunerhielm,

    Thank you for your inquiry with!

    The Item Code 0CW 023 has sold out (due to the updated discounts).

    I regret that I was unable to assist you before they sold!"

    IT IS NOT FAIR!! :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby:
  10. Agnes, which bag is it? the black gladys?? i click all of them and they are all gone.
  11. they were avaliable, and I ordered one and everything was fine, but know they e-mailed me that I was too late with my order, they were already sold out!! :wtf: I am so bummed out right now.:cursing: :hysteric:
  12. I am so sorry to hear that-- I hate when that happens!!

    Ghurka had a 50% off sale several weeks ago and I orded DH a Garrison
    bag originally $1500, for $750, great for his computer & travel.

    Anyway, a MONTH later they called me and said, whoops we sold out before
    we got to your order, our computers were overwhelmed. No bag.

    So I pitched a polite :shame: fit.

    They *found* one for me and I now have it stashed away for Christmas! :angel:

    Is there any chance they could get you a deal on another bag??? :confused1:


  13. Hmmm.....LVR have lost Brownie points with me on this one! :mad:

    They should be able to add the number of a certain item they have in stock, in Admin on their website (that's what we can do, anyway); so I don't understand what could go wrong. :shrugs:

    So sorry you missed out - you must be gutted! :sad:
  14. LVR emailed me today and said that my new Gladys bag is on the way!! and im from land down under. my first purchase of them and they were quick! im so happy! i thought i also missed out! I will post pics when it arrives. its my second chloe bag and i got it 70% OFF. thank you so much girls for all your help and infos.
  15. Im so sorry agnes that u missed out on the sale. i bought the brown bag not the black, it was already sold out when i looked. im sure u will get a chloe bag when they go on sale again. im not allowed to buy another bag till the end of the year. bugger!