Chloe...7 Days A Week

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  1. Inspired by others, I photographed my Chloe collection. I may be dating myself here...but do you remember the "days of the week" panties, towels, etc. You had Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday... Well, it was a random thought as I took pics...I now have a Chloe bag for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday...

    While I am not Catholic, I also had a "confession"-related thought. I am so happy with my bags...and still think about "next"... I forced myself to take a look at what I have to try to stop thinking about that "next" bag... I am so pleased, but...I do have an idea or two...

    Whiskey Tote, Chocolate Molly
    Whiskey Large Zippy Bouler, Large Chocolate Ostrich Muse (standing in for Chocolate Betty...unavailable for photo), Large Chocolate Python Silverado
    Black Medium Pocket Paddy/Professor, Black Medium Zippy Bouler

    Attached Files:

  2. You have the collection of my dreams!:love: I especially love the Whiskey Tote, Chocolate Molly, and the Python Silverado...:love:
  3. :lol: LOL, I had those days of the week panties!:lol:

    Your collection is SO nice! I didn't realize what a beauty Molly is - for some reason I had her pictured as more round than square/rectangular. I know what you mean about wanting to be satisfied but still thinking about that next purchase. I am glad the new styles are not making me want to buy, even though I really enjoy seeing the photos of other people's bags and sharing in their excitement!
  4. I love your colection! Myfavorite is your black pocket paddy! I'm so tempted...
  5. such a great chloe collection! love the ostrich muse there. and the chocolate molly. when did you start collecting?
  6. SoCal - the pics are gorgeous - you've made them all look so beautiful! I guess the big question is whether you'll be designating each one for a certain day of the week or whether you'll be mixing it up a little.:P

    I had the panties too.:amuse:
  7. Roey, style...So happy you can relate to my "panties" reference. You probably received those Christmas lifesaver books from your classmates too, yes?

    Fayden...My Chloe interest started last took me a bit of time and a few "inspections" to ID my personal favorites...

    Thanks all!
  8. days of Chloes in under a year! You are my hero! And I didn't have the panties (it feels really weird to type "panties" in a it just me???) but I did once get a "train" of the different color striped bubblegum (Fruit Stripe Gum) for Christmas. Does that count?
  9. SoCal, your collection is amazing!

    I'm watching your YSL Muse on eBay, I just can't decide if I want the black or the chocolate brown.

    Love, love, love your bags!
  10. Wow, wow, wow!!!! My jaw is like on the floor and my eyes have popped right out of their sockets, lol!!! Your collection is so FABULOUS! Love them all! Didn't know Molly was so gorgeous either!

    :love: :love: :love: :love: :love:
  11. You have a beautiful collection Socal- I really love that Black Zippy too...such a classy style! They're all lovely!!

  12. I love all your Chloes. I know there's another thread talking about trendy or classic & Chloes are often considered trendy but I think they are classic! I know I'll be carrying around mine for years! :love:

    The ostrich Muse is TDF! If I was buying a non-Chloe, that might be it...but I think ostrich is out of my league...:sad:
  13. Cute!!! :biggrin:
  14. I love the chocolate Molly!! Where did you get it? What is the price, if you don't mind me asking?
  15. Oh, what an amazing collection! I love the Molly and your python Silverado is a true beauty. They all look so good together, like a happy family...