Chloe 50% off at SF Bloomingdales

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  1. Hi Ladies,
    just want to let you know.. i was at SF Bloomingdales today and they have several chloe bag on sale for 50% off.. I saw 2 quilted bay in gray metallic color.. not sure what you call it.. and a tote with chain running in the middle and signature chloe lock.. i don't know the name, sorry.. but you could probably call them tomorrow and find out..

    i don't know if you could use the coupon from the private sale booklet but i think you can definitely get $15 GC for every $100 purchase good toward future purchases of $75 or more from 03/29..
  2. wow, thanks, those are great deals.... wish I could spring for the quilted bay, I like that color a lot in the bay and I don't yet have a bay in my collection:graucho:.... why did I have to open this thread:Push:.... just got a red heloise at full price for my bday which isn't even until next month
  3. Thanks, Indi3r4! I think you can use all 4 coupons since the Chloe Bay is def over $400, and GC too. Call Josh, he's really nice and should be able to do this for you.
  4. this is seriously tempting me.... good thing store is closed right now. I've had an awful week at work and I'm getting that itch...

    coupons say they can't be combined with other certificates though....

    Must resist but do you have Josh's number? If so, PM me
  5. Coupons can be used on Chloe handbags. I just ordered a chloe messenger paddington bag from Josh at SF Bloomingdales. Thanks for the posting. He is awesome.:wlae:
  6. Do you know what the prices were and if Josh would send pics? Thank you so much:yes:
  7. Yay!! glad i could help.. ;)

    i didn't check the price on any of the bags.. but i think the sign says it was 50% off of regular retail price..
  8. I believe the regular price for the metallic bays is $2000, Paddy tote might be around $1600.
  9. Yeah it's 50% off regular. Plus your coupons. Plus your 15$ coupons you can use start using tomorrow. I had to play it buy ear. No Pics. Acshih is pretty much on point with the prices. Has anyone see pics for the paddington messenger bag?