Chloe 50% off at Gretta Luxe

  1. Gretta Luxe 617-536-1959 ask for Ashley....
    50% off
    They have Betty Chain, Tekla, Silverado and a few more .....
    Good Luck!
    Please post and let us know if you found your Chloe!:yahoo:
  2. I went on Sunday and I wanted to post if but I couldn't find their number so I didn't post it. :shame: Good that you found it! :biggrin:
  3. What did you see/get?
    Thanks weN84!
  4. I think they might have a Tracey too?? or maybe it's at their other location ask for Katie 781-237-7010
  5. Anyone grab one? I'm suppose to be on a purse ban, but I'm so tempted!

  6. haha, so am i

    but i've already got LV sophie, Chloe edith in white, and Chanel Coco Cabas on my wish list :love:
  7. I saw pretty much the same items that you saw but I didn't get anything because I'm really lemming for an MJ or Chanel baby cabas and the only Chloe I want is a Silverado and the only one they had was a python and I didn't like the color of that one. :push:

    Btw, you live in Boston as well or nearby? :smile:
  8. Do they have Edith Bowler???
  9. I called them today and they emailed me some unbelievable purses. I am a Chloe fan and there wasn't a lot to talk about there but for Balenciaga babes - AIIEEEEEE!!! Two 50% off alligator ones to die for. Call them up at the number posted. Okay - still at $8000 - these should not be 50% off. And you should see this gold python Marc Jacobs bag with a chain handle. Double AIEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

  10. divnanata,
    Could you share your photos? Would love to see them!
  11. I saw those Bbags at the store!!! The first in the charocal grey color with silver hardware is TDF!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't afford it though!:p
  12. Unfortunately I don't know how to post pictures. And I'm in Taiwan right now (1:30am their time) and I can't get my daughter to help. I did send the pics to "pquiles" in a private message. Maybe she can send them on for you?