CHLOE 40% OFF SALE at Gretta Luxe!!!!


Dec 14, 2006
I stopped by my favorite chloe store to drool over their bag selection, and the girls working there told me that ALL their Chloe’s are on sale 40% off!!! (This is the best discount I have found so far… even better than at neiman’s or bloomys who don’t even have all the styles on sale.)

I literally almost passed out but regained focus and snagged the black Edith bowler that I have been lusting over since the beginning of the season.

I thought I should share with you all (I just joined last TPF last week, so this is my first significant post and I felt compelled to share the love with fellow chloe lovers.) They have a great selection of Edith, Betty and Tracy bags and a few sliverados. Also, there are a lot of python skin bags to choose from. I am debating the large python Betty satchel in aubergine. The color is amazing! I had to sleep on it though.

I would call quick if you want to get the best ones ‘cause the girls there told me that their balenciagas were posted in the Achung, Balenciaga forum and they were practically sold out in 24 hours.

Their number is 781-237-7010. Good Luck!!!!