Chloe 40% off at Nordstrom

  1. Just an FYI, Nordstrom is having a few Chloe styles on sale. Official sale date is this Friday, but you could pre-sale now. The only ones I remember are Chloe Bay and some Paddys. My SA was able to locate a few Bay bags for me (which I ended up not getting). Most SAs have a list of what will be on sale, so be sure to call early if you are interested! Hope this info helps someone!
  2. Which Nordstroms? The ones I called said no paddies. Thanks
  3. tnx for the info
  4. Call Mary @ Nordies in MD, 410-296-2111 SHE'S VERY HELPFUL AND THEY HAVE A GOOD SELECTION OF CHLOES THERE:yes:!