Chloe #4 purchase advice please!

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  1. Hi everyone! Would love everyone's opinion- I think I am ordering my fourth Chloe bag, but after I left the store, I had some doubt! I have a chocolate East West, Black and Sable Paddy satchels to date, and am ordering a tan pocket paddy now. of course I love the Paddy, but I think for me it is wearing off a little. (just a little). I love the tan color, but I think after seeing multiple paddies sold just about EVERYWHERE. It's starting to lose my attn a little. I can't believe I'm seeing multiple paddies side by side in stores...remember when they were impossible to get?? dilemna- should I canx my order and move on- was thinking of getting a new Chanel...totally timeless bag...I want to use my $2k wisely! any insight would be appreciated :worried: . maybe I need some reassurance...thank you!!!
  2. Get a Chanel bag. Three Chloes are enough.
  3. Sounds like you are getting just a little burned out on you paddys. I think I would try something new like the Chanel you mentioned. It would be a nice, new, and exciting change.
  4. oh airress could you pretty-please post a picture of your Chloe family?? :nuts:

    I would love to see your paddy satchels.
  5. LOL! Loganz- you're so fun! I can and I will as soon as I can get a moment at home to do it! I do have a picture of my sable paddy uploaded right now on my computer- I was going to give it up!! but am not now! let me know if you want me to do that first.

    pursegal, ranskim- thank you for the push!! I think I was looking for some reassurance- but I think you are voicing what I am thinking deep inside. It's just so easy to keep buying esp after reading this forum!!
  6. i agree with the 2 above- get a chanel or whatever you fancy just for a change and if you feel like a 4th chloe, you know you can always get another one.
  7. If you have two paddy satchels, maybe you should sell one of those, get the pocket (for variety) and use the money toward a Chanel. Chanel and Chloe are SO far apart that there is not even a comparison...but that's a suggestion for you to play around with.
  8. Oh yes, if you have a sable picture please post it - the sable paddy is like Bigfoot (a sighting only once in a blue moon :biggrin: ).

    Oh, and yes - this forum is very enabling - we need to get purse forum sponsors to call when we feel the urge to buy another. :amuse:
  9. Definitely Chanel :biggrin:
  10. best not to get burned out on chloe. go for the chanel! you can always snap up a new chloe bag for fall.
  11. Hi- thanks everyone! just fyi- this is my sable- had it on my computer and thought I'd upload! :smile: (thanks loganz!)

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  12. Go for a Chanel this time.
  13. I say Chanel too. If you already have 3 Paddies and now having doubts about a 4th, it's time to go with something different.
  14. Yeah.. go for the chanel.
  15. I think I might be able to fit Bigfoot in my big pocket Paddy.:lol: