Chloe 30 and 40 percent off at Bloomingdale's Boca Raton

  1. I was just in Bloomingdale's at the Boca Raton Town Center and saw a few Chloe bags for 30 and 40 percent off :nuts:

    I saw a few Silverados, both the original style in hazelnut, black, rust/orange and a really cool messenger style in black. Those bags were 30 percent off. There were also two Edith styles for 40 percent off. The phone number is (561) 394-2000 :nuts:
  2. i'm calling!
  3. I called, too!
    Ruth has an Edith bowler, tan color for $996. I passed on it!
  4. Glad I could be of assistance, even if no one bought anything ;)

    gr8heart, I remember the tan bowler now. When I was posting the thread, I had a total brain fart! :p
  5. Nice of you to post, I'm always looking for a sale.. even when I don't need anything:lol:.