Chloe #3?

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  1. Now that I have my mousse big pocket and might sometime in the next month finally receive my whiskey Edith, I am thinking maybe one more in chocolate. If anyone has either of these bags, can you please tell me the size (dimensions) and how you like them? Positives, negatives, all that? Is the medium pocket really as square as it looks in this photo? Does anyone have pics of the bags on? Thanks!

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  2. Congrats again! I have the "fever" as well...thinking about the large or medium pocket style in the brown tones... I saw the medium chocolate pocket at Chloe SCP last week. Very nice! I have the medium in black, it is less square IRL than it appears in the photo above (much less so than the large that I tried on). I think the LVR photos of the medium are a good comparison. It is quite slouchy (bows out a bit at the sides when filled) and can be worn comfortably on the shoulder or arm. Photos below from LVR.

  3. I have the Bowler (in black) and it definitely doesn't sit up straight like that, although when it's filled it's is not entirely slouchy. I adore that bag! I think it would be a nice change from the Pocket.
  4. Is the bowler the same as the box satchel (first pic)? These bags have a thousand names! The medium pocket is also the professor...too confusing! Wonder what the big pocket is *really* called?
  5. Yes, but NM/BG never call anything by their correct names! I'm trying to attach some pics but for some reason the site is not letting me!
  6. Yes, it is pretty crazy trying to describe what you are looking for via phone when the names used are so different from site to site... I think I initially called the "box" the "bowler"...and to confuse things further, what many stores are now calling the "bowler" is the medium and large zippy bag. So there is the F05 bowler (aka box) and the S06 bowler (aka zippy). I have also seen the pocket refered to as the S06 new paddington style (aka pocket paddy, aka professor)...
  7. ...And don't forget there is a big pocket AND a medium pocket, which is actually a small pocket...
  8. ET - I measured my Box, and it is approximately 15" across the widest part in the center by 6" high. It is difficult to get accurate measurements due to the buckles and straps but this is pretty close. The base is shorter, about 12" from seam to seam.

    Of course I am going to vote for the Box but the Pocket Satchel is cute as well. It all depends on how you plan to use the bag. I don't toss a lot into my bag so for me it is more style than functionality.
  9. Thanks for the measurements Roey! I don't know really how big the medium pocket is, either...guess I have to find that out next and then see which is a better fit size-wise. I do love is SO pretty!
  10. Hi ET!
    I think the second one is too simular to the big pocket you have now. I love the box!
  11. Now NM has a Paddington hobo in whiskey....what to do, what to do?
  12. :biggrin: the box!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wait, the hobo is cute too.....I'm no help, sorry:blink:
  13. Chocolate Bowler, hands down!
  14. Bowler over hobo...but...I don't think the medium and large pocket bags are too similar...
  15. Okay...the bowler is the medium zippy bowler or the box bowler?