Chi's on Vacation at the Beach!

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  1. I'm so excited!!! My baby Chi's (one 2, one around 1 and 2 months now) are going to go on their first trip and their first ocean visit!!! :yahoo::yahoo:

    I've never taken dogs to the beach before. My family is going in August and we have selected a pet friendly beach house we're staying in that's right on the beach (small beach, not a busy one, so pet friendly!). I want my babies to be able to walk on the beach, play, and maybe go in the water. So far, I've compiled a list of needed supplies...but is there anything else I need? Anything that I should know? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

    -Large first aid kit
    -Puppia mesh harness (2)
    -26ft retractable leash (2)
    -Float Coat Life Preservers (2)
    -Pet Gear Home 'N Go Deluxe Soft Crate: Medium (1)
    -Pet sunscreen
    -Lavendar shampoo/conditioner (for baths if they get too salty)
    -Baby gate to block off areas of the house
    -2 waterproof toys
    -Bonton sporty poopy bags
    -Portable water/food bowls + container for water bottle/food

    We're not going on a boat, but I thought it might be safer if they had life preservers that attached to leashes so that they could go in shallow areas of ocean water. The crate is for the beach, so that they have a well shaded/stable and cool place to stay while we're on the beach. I don't swim, so I'll be lounging next to them, I just didn't want them free and running around. The sunscreen is because they both have very short hair and one is white with a pink nose and the other is brown with a pink nose and has very thin hair on her head.

    I was considering a pet stroller because I wanted to be able to take them with me shopping. But I don't know if shops will even let my babies in even if they are in a stroller. Pet carrier bags are out of the questions because they just get too heavy after a while.

    Does anyone have any tips to add? :tup:
  2. That's awesome!! What lucky dogs!! It sounds like you covered everything, so have a safe and happy trip! Make sure to take pics of the babies to show us! :smile:
  3. How exciting!!! Please take tons of pocs for all of us jealous people not going to the beach. I have 2 chi's and I am sure that they would love to go to the beach.
  4. I think you have everything....but ice cubes would be nice if they overheat....

    When I die I want to be reincarnated as one of your doggies.......
  5. LOVE Puppia harnesses!!

    I would def. get a pet stroller. My little ones have the "Happy Trails" model in dark blue and black. It looks JUST like a baby stroller except there is a mesh portion that can be zipped up. Most of the time people don't even realize there are dogs in there! LOL

    The only other thing I would suggest is giving your dogs either Revolution (flea and heartworm med) or Frontline (just flea med)...both I think you can get from your vet.

    Last year, Carmen got FLEAS from the beach and it was such a headache!!

    This stuff is just applied topically but will prevent any nasty little critters :sad:

    Have fun!!!!!!!! I am so jealous! My little guys love the beach :smile:
  6. I'll bring ice cubes, that's a good idea...I try to keep gatorade with me too because I heard it's good for them when they get dehydrated.

    Couturegrl they are on Revolution monthly, so no problems there! :yes: The stroller you are talking about is the one that I was interested in! I'm seriously considering getting it now, because I just don't want to leave them at the beach house while we stroll around and shop :nogood:
  7. how exciting, can't wait to see pics.
  8. You will LOVE the stroller, Neeya!! :smile:

    I also recommend the Kittywalk enclosed car seat...I SWEAR by mine!! :smile:
  9. Can you tell me the pros of your Kittywalk car seat, Couturegrl? I was planning on purchasing the My Buddy Look Out car 2-pet car seat originally, but I haven't heard any reviews for that one either.
  10. They will have fun! We want to see pics of your babies playing at the beach.
  11. look forward to seeing pics :smile:
  12. I LOVE how the Kittywalk is completely enclosed. All in all, it is a really cool design and VERY safe. Well-ventilated and roomy, too.

    The only thing that I don't like about it is its somewhat heavy.

    There is also another fully-enclosed pet car seat...its on

    I can't remember the name of it but it looks really cool too.